5 Best Insurance Marketing Strategy

We’re going over the top5 Best Insurance Marketing Strategy.

5 Best Insurance Marketing Strategy

Now, if you’re new to the channel and you don’t know everything that I talked about on here has to do with marketing and advertising for insurance, insurance agencies, insurance agents. And if you listen to me before you know that if you want to be the best, you have to control your own marketing and advertising. Now, when I say control your marketing and advertising, there’s really two ways you can do that. It’s going to be in house where you or one of your employees or someone you hire actually runs and controls your advertising and marketing or a marketing company.

But really, at the end of the day, you don’t want to be buying leads.

And the reason I say that is because lead vendors and you have opposite goals and lead vendors’ goal is to make the most amount of profit from a lead they sell to you. And a lead just has no actual clue who you are. It’s really just a product and somebody showed a minor amount of interest in it. Whereas your goal is to get somebody insurance it’s to get your face in front of people, it’s to get out there and actually sell the product and to have the most profit for you.

So if you’re trying to make the most profit and the lead vendors trying to make the most profit, you guys are kind of fighting with each other because if they make profit, that’s going to cut into yours.

So that’s why lead vendors just aren’t always the best way to do it for people that want to actually run their own insurance agency, run their own insurance company. And that’s really who this YouTube channel is for. The people that want to strive to reach goals. They want to have lots, they want to be the best, because seriously, if you’re going to do something, why are you not striving to be the best at it? And that’s just really who I want to make these videos for.

So again, the two options that are really good options are doing marketing in house or having a marketing company do it. And if you’re going to have a marketing company, do it, make sure that they know and understand advertising, not advertising insurance. They better understand advertising. But they also need to understand insurance because they don’t. They just aren’t really going to understand the products.

They’re not going to be able to get you the results that you want and the results you’re looking for. But really, one of the best ways is to actually do it yourself or to hire somebody to do it and train them to do it. Using these videos right here on my YouTube channel. Alright, so now we’re coming at you with the five Best Ways for Marketing and Advertising for insurance. Number five is direct mail.

Now almost all of you that watch this have probably bought direct mail leads, but that’s not exactly what I’m talking about. I’m talking about if you’re the insurance agency, the insurance business, even if you’re a single person and you want to do direct mail, the best way to do it. The best way to do everything is to come up with the copy yourself, come up with what is being shown to the end person. And this is really direct mail, something that’s been around forever. And a lot of people do it for lead generation.

But not a lot of people know that you can actually do it for marketing and advertising and getting your name out there to people. It’s probably a more expensive way to do it than some of the things on here. And it’s a lot higher of a barrier to entry, because a lot of the times you have to have, if you really want to do it on scale, you’re going to have to have mail houses and things like that. But you could just start by going down to your local post office and getting them to send out 1000 letters to targeted people in your area and come up with something that’s different.

If you’re going to actually do this for yourself, for your agency, for your company, and you want to do direct mail because you think that that’s a good way to reach people, which it is.

I mean, it’s a really good way to reach elderly people. So if your main focus is final expense or mortgage protection for people that actually sit there and look through their mail, which again, is really only elderly people, I’m 25. I’m never in my life going to fill out a direct mail piece of advertising or lead. I get them from car companies. I get them from mortgage protection companies.

I get them from a lot of places, and I’m seriously never going to do that. So if you want to do direct mail, understand who you’re going to be sending it to, but at the same time be different than other people. So one really cool way that you can be different than other people is to include something physical in the package. So a lot of times you’ll see when car companies or car dealerships, they send out direct mail to have a key in it, and you come in a price.

Well, regardless of if somebody is actually going to be interested in being a car, they’re going to feel like there’s a key.

There’s something in that direct mail piece of packaging or whatever, and that’s going to intrigue them to actually open it, which is potentially then going to get your message to get people to read it. So if you’re going to do direct mail and you’re going to send it out to advertise for yourself, a really other good way to do that. And I’ve seen a lot of people doing this is retirement specialist. So whether that’s insurance or if you’re a financial advisor, a lot of the times, they will use direct mail to send out letters to people to invite them to a seminar or to a dinner.

But again, you’re competing with other people that are doing the exact same thing.

So be different. Include something in there that’s going to grab somebody’s attention. I really don’t know exactly what it is. It could be tons of different things, but find something cheap, but is going to grab somebody’s attention, put it in there and just be different. That’s really one of the big things you’re going to hear from my channel is being different, because if you be the same as everybody else, you’re just going to get ignored.

Nobody’s going to care. All right. Number four on my list is Google Ads. Google Ads is an amazing platform. It’s been around for a long time.

It’s been around for advertising longer than Facebook has a lot of some of the other things we’re talking about definitely not longer than direct mail. That’s probably the oldest one here on my list. But Google Ads is a really good platform. Now, if you’re going to use Google ads, understand that some of the keywords for insurance are very, very expensive. To get an ad out there right now for Google Ads on search to show up in the search results for the word insurance, it’s like $28 a click.

So that’s really high. And you need to make sure if you’re going to do that, that you have a very high converting landing page because you need to convert people within one to two clicks. You need, like, a 50% conversion rate to make that an efficient lead source. But there’s other ways to use Google ads that can make it a bit more affordable. And that’s looking for long tail keywords.

And what do I mean by Longtail keywords? A string of keywords that most people aren’t bidding on because they’re bidding on the or insurance, or they’re bidding on the like, one keyword. That’s really expensive. So if you’re going to do long tail, you want to look at buying keywords and buying keywords are things like top three insurance companies for people ages 50 to 65. If somebody’s searching that they’re really, really interested in finding something out, and if they click on an ad from that, they’re probably going to be very close to the buying decision.

So you really want to think in the prospect’s mind of what they’ll be searching on Google. And there’s a lot of cool tools you can use. Google has a ton of them in their own ad network, like Google Keyword Planner and just use those or even like the search bar in Google. If you start typing something, it’ll give you suggested search results. Use that.

But really get your head in the brain of the prospect looking for insurance and what they’ll be typing out and then start looking at those. That’s how I would do Google ads. All right. The next one on my list, number three coming at you. It’s called SEO search engine optimization.

In search engine optimization, SEO is you ranking your page on Google or Bing or Yahoo, or whatever the search engine is that you want to be ranking on or all of them. You have to do certain things in order to rank organically. So organically just means not with the ads, just naturally, some pros and some content. Seo, some pros are that it’s free. It’s 100% free.

Other than the time you put in to actually build up the site and build what it takes to get it to rank, which is quite a bit of work. But at the end of the day, you can build an asset that’s going to bring you leads for the next ten to 20 years for free. And then you can even sell that site and make a lot of money off of it. So SEO can be really, really lucrative. It takes work and it takes time to get started.

But it’s free and it’s a great asset. Now, if SEO is something that you want to do, a few things to keep in mind, you want to use WordPress to build your site because a lot of these other site builders, they’re not optimized for SEO, and so they will never have a really good chance of ranking. WordPress is one of the best places you can build a site if you know that you want to try and rank it. Now a couple of other things to pay attention to when you are going to be going into SEO, and that is on page optimization.

So what does that mean when you’re trying to rank something with Google?

We’ll just use Google for this example. Google goes through and it crawls your site and it reads everything that you have have starting from the title of the site, then the titles of the pages and then all of the words and the pages, the images, everything in there. And if it doesn’t have anything to do with the keyword that you’re trying to rank for, you’re not going to rank for that keyword. So one of the best things to do when starting out with SEO is actually plan and do some keyword research and look at what are some of the keywords that you want to start ranking for and then build your site and build your pages around that and then some of the things that you need to pay attention to and building that are again, the title of your site that’s titles on your page, the H one Tags, which are like the headers of your articles, the big, the big headers.

Those are the things that Google pays attention to.

You want to have those keyword optimized as well, and then some of the content in writing in between two and then the next main point when it comes to SEO is you need to get links because Google wants to know that there’s trust there and that the site actually has to do with what is being ranked for. So really, what you’re looking for with SEO is to build relevant content to what you want to rank for on Google. And then the next main important part is getting links from other relevant sites to what you’re building your site about, which would be insurance in this case.

And I may have done the order incorrectly, but we should have gone five direct mail for Google Ads three SEO number two is YouTube ads. Now some of you might begin mad at me because YouTube is a division of Google, but I consider them different things because they’re vastly different.

And in today’s day and age, 2020, YouTube is such a better opportunity, at least for the insurance market than Google Ads is. And that’s because there’s so much real estate open on YouTube right now compared to Google compared to Facebook compared to anywhere.

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