Get the power of keywords

Get the power of keywords

We're going to be talking about what keyword research is and why it's important keyword research is arguably

What is key word and how to use them to get traffic

We’re going to be talking about what keyword research is and why it’s important keyword research is arguably one of the most important elements of SEO without keyword research your entire SEO effort is effectively stumbling around in the dark for those of you who are super new to SEO keyword research is the process of researching keywords seriously though keyword research is the process of discovering the keyword phrases related to your business that users will type into search engines in other words it’s figuring out how people will potentially find you online your entire SEO strategy grows from the foundation of solid keyword research you can’t write relevant content if you don’t know the phrases that people will use to discover it or the phrases that Google associates with worthy content you can’t optimize your pages without knowing which phrases you should optimize for.

In the early days of SEO when Google’s algorithm matched keywords entered in the search engine two key words on the webpage it was infinitely more important to create content that included exact match phrases now that Google’s algorithm has evolved to entity based search you don’t have to worry about exactly matching keyword phrases instead you need to match the intent behind the search, the main concept of what the searchers looking for which means of course, when you’re doing your keyword research it’s not just about finding the words that people use to find a business like yours it’s figuring out the intent that searchers have when they’re looking for you keyword. Research helps you to understand the concepts that potential visitors resonate with the things that they’re looking for in the things that they care about key word phrases are scored based on popularity .

There might be a hundred ways to search for the widget you sell but there will be two or three phrases that are used far more often than others once you’ve done your keyword research and compiled your list of keywords and then rank them in order of importance or popularity. You know exactly how to create content that will resonate with your potential users and also that scene relevant by Google’s algorithm so basically you’re doing market research to find out what your audience is looking for that’s it for lesson one of the keyword research. Hope you learned something awesome if you’ve got any questions feel free to tweet them to us directly

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