When creating your Digital Marketing strategy

When creating your Digital Marketing strategy, You want to reevaluate your plans and make revisions as necessary:
» Reassess your business model and brand value. You know that it’s important to frequently assess how things are working. Find out how you can
determine whether business model changes are warranted and whether
you need to revise brand plans in Book 9, Chapter 1.
» Reexamine your content marketing strategy. Obviously, a determination
of how well your content marketing strategy is working is essential. See why
even failing is a springboard to success in Book 9, Chapter 2.
» Measure success. If you’re tracking key accounts you need to reassess your
goals for each one. See what you need to do in Book 9, Chapter 3.
» Track metrics. It’s helpful to gauge potential new opportunities as you track
your metrics. See what’s involved with that in Book 9, Chapter 4.
» Optimize campaigns for return on investment (ROI). Using split testing
and analyzing the speed of your pages is key to optimizing your campaigns.
Find out how how do this in Book 9, Chapter 5.
So that’s an overview of the Five Cs. Each of the books encompassing them includes
far more information and working plans than listed here. If you do the hard work
required to create and implement your plans, you can expect to be on the road to
content marketing success.

Communicating Your Mission

When you hear the term mission statement, you probably want to skip to the next
section in this chapter. Completely understandable. At some point while you were
in school, you were taught about mission statements and you found it boring.

When creating your strategy, knowing what other companies with high growth do is
helpful. According to a study done by Accenture called “CMOs: Time for digital transformation or risk being left on the sidelines” a large percentage of high-growth companies:
• Use data and analytics to improve the impact of their marketing (86 percent)
• Know that digital channels are of strategic importance (84 percent)
• Make sure that customers get a similar experience across all channels (80 percent)
Creating Your Digital Marketing Strategy
But the good news is that now, when you look at communicating the reason your
company exists, a mission statement becomes important and personal.
Crafting your statement
In his book Epic Content: How to How to Tell a Different Story, Break through the
Clutter, and Win More Customers by Marketing Less (McGraw-Hill Education, 2013),
Joe Pulizzi, “the godfather of content marketing” and founder of the Content
Marketing Institute (see Figure 1-1), offers an easy way to craft a content marketing mission statement.

DON’T BE LEFT OUT When creating your Digital Marketing strategy

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